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Another work for Fandom Battle.
”Heavy Metal L-Gaim” fanart. Mian and Full Flat in one big metaphor of liberation.
(Also, light hints of femslash... I feel like I’m the only one shipper of this pairing, because this anime is so old and little-known T_T And both of them are even not main heroines.) 

Anyway, their story in anime is so sad and so beautiful.

HEAVY SPOILERS! --------------

...Many years ago emperor Oldna Poseidal was conquering planets of the Pentagona system, and Mian and Full Flat were his Temple Knights; both of them were in love with Poseidal. After conquering the Pentagona Poseidal offered Full Flat to rule the Pentagona instead of him - but in exchange of being controlled like a puppet by the power of bio-relation system. She refused. But still she was given the eternal youth and the independent asteroid base Theart Star due to all the help she provided Poseidal. She retired there for deacdes.

Then Full Flat found out that Poseidal have made Mian his puppet and now she is playing the role of emperor Poseidal, being fully controlled by him.

Full Flat heads to the capital herself to break Mian - her friend, rival, comrade-in-arms - from Poseidal's grasp. Due to Full Flat’ efforts and striving Mian is able to break free and think for herself, but Full Flat dies defending her. In the end Mian disables the bio-relation system, and by that kills Poseidal (main antagonist of the story) - he loses his eternal youth and ages to death. And Mian too, because she was also part of this system :(

(Now you can see why the director of the show is known as Yoshiyuki “Kill’em All” Tomino...)
quintus144 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
The picture is beautiful, and the story behind it is... interesting. I'd never watched L-Gaim and have no idea how these events look on screen, but in your paraphrase they seem to form a rather engaging story. Thanks for submitting this.
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